Zata is definitely S Tier on the New Patch! | Arena of Valor

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Zata received a huge buff on the new update of Arena of Valor! His ultimate deals damage in an AOE around the target and his damage all across the board was buffed! Today I'll be showing you the best Zata build in Arena of Valor, this time for jungle Zata! I'll upload a mid lane Zata gameplay soon too and show you the best build, arcana and enchantments for Zata in the middle! Forest Wanderer's rework makes it a great rune option for Zata now and it's honestly the best strategy to play Zata effectively! The 10% Max HP damage it brings to the table allows Zata to easily finish off low HP enemies after his ultimate and the slow on auto attacks also helps him to get his combo off! All in all Zata is for sure among the S tier mages like Dirak and Raz. Hope you'll enjoy this AOV pro Zata gameplay!

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