VIPER BUGS that make the BUFFS NEED BUFFS (Valorant Patch 2.06)

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VIPER BUGS that make the BUFFS NEED BUFFS (Valorant Patch )...

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Hello thank you for watching! I'm sorry to be the bearer of the bad news but I wanted to get this info out as soon as possible to hopefully have the highest chances of having a postive impact on Viper the agent I and many of you adore and the women of my wet dreams. It is my hope that by introducing thhese bugs into the community that we can all collaborate to ensure that Riot doesn't sweep these bugs under the run while it works on problems it deems more worth their time. We as the Viper community have their attention now more than ever. If there was ever a time to fix these Viper bugs it's now so I hope I can gain your support in bringing these issues to the bug fix team or to the gernal Valorant community as awhole in order to increase awareness to better the chances these bugs are actually looked into and fixed. Thansk for your time and listening to me rant and ramble I hope you have a great one.

PS. Don't get me wrong the buffs are awesome but the not so much!

Thank you to 11Rook from chat for jumping into a custom game with me and helping me recreate these bugs!

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