Veres is OP on the New Patch but I'm still losing my mind... | Arena of Valor

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Veres received huge buffs on the newest patch of Arena of Valor! Veres is definitely one of the best warrior heroes in AOV once again since she's back to her old self with 4 stacks on her passive. Today I'll show you an absolutely insane Veres gameplay from my AOV livestream and the best Veres build for the new patch in AOV. Not only did I play the teamfights mechanically very well on Veres but we also ended up having an absolute banger of an AOV ranked match since we had an AFK Murad. Was Veres newfound strength enough to carry this AOV solo queue game or was the AFK Murad dragging us down too much in this crazy 25minute AOV gameplay? Hope you'll enjoy this pro Veres gameplay in AOV with new best build for Veres.

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