Valorant NEW UPDATE - Patch Notes 1.08 Overview

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Valorant Just released the Patch Notes and in this video we bring to you all the changes coming to Valorant in patch In this update we will see a few changes to the guardian in valorant. We also received a change to Raze's blastpacks so it should be more rare to get kills with these abilities. On top of all the Riot Games has officially included a fix to the Valorant Map rotation. We all hate playing the same map over and over again and now in patch they have implimented a fix.

Full Valorant Patch Notes Here:

Check Out This Playlist:


I hope you enjoyed this Valorant patch notes video where we went in depth with all the valorant changes coming in patch All of the changes we covered in this valorant patch notes video will be added into valorant during the valorant update. This Valorant patch notes video featured the valorant patch notes, valorant guardian changes, valorant raze nerfs, valorant raze blast pack changes, and valorant map rotation changes, Valorant NEW UPDATE - Patch Notes Overview Valorant NEW UPDATE - Patch Notes Overview Valorant NEW UPDATE - Patch Notes Overview

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Valorant NEW UPDATE - Patch Notes Overview | Modix
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