This World Is Cursed - Let's Play There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension - Part 5

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"There is no game: Wrong dimension" is a Point&Click comedy adventure (and Point&Click only!) that will take you on a journey you never asked to go on, through silly and unexpected video game universes.

Will you be able to play along with the "Game" to find your way home?
We sincerely think NOT.

A Point&Click comedy adventure. You can go ahead and put your controller back up on the shelf.
Incredible 3D graphics that are flat. Completely flat. And very pixelated.
Almost fully voiced. (May contain traces of foreign accents here and there.)
Solve riddles that require you to think "Outside the box".
Hint system included because you can't think "Outside the box"...
Shorter than an MMORPG, which leaves you plenty of time to finish some REAL good games.
Discover the Top 10 best walls. The fourth one will surprise you!
Motion sickness free, which is pretty remarkable for a non-VR experience.
Contains tons of but it’s supposed to be like that.
And lots of other surprises!

You haven't heard of “There is no game”, winner of the 2015 Construct Jam?
That's perfect! Go play Battle of Duty instead of clicking on the image below to try this weird, totally pointless video game.

Don't Get This Non-Game on Steam (Why Would You?):

Outro Music: Braincooler - Mega Man X Chill Penguin Stage Remix By Rozovian -

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