THIS GAME IS CRAZY! / Paranormal Activity VR Gameplay - Part Two - ALTERNATE ENDING / Oculus Quest 2

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WELL, I'M GLAD THAT'S OVER!!! It was short, sweet & very scary, I managed to make it to the Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul ending (well, the Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul alternate ending actually) in two videos and it took me around an hour in total to finish the after you remove the huge chunk of time I spent wandering around trying to find the candle before I had to Google it. Part two of my Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul playthrough is packed with great scares, a horrible granny, a randon severed head & a nice big seance to round everything off. I hope you enjoy & don't forget to tell me in the comments which horror title I should play next!

Another one of the best VR horror games is done and we'll be moving straight onto another one next week, hit subscribe to stay up to date with all my VR shenanigans & if you missed the Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul gameplay part one then the link is down below.

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Part one -

Time to start a new VR horror game, this week I'm diving into Paranormal Activity VR, Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul is the full title, a game that follows in the footsteps of the popular film franchise and challenges players to face their fears in a terrifying VR haunted house scenario. Now I experienced my fair share of VR jump scares whilst playing The Exorcist Legion but this first episode of my Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul walkthrough probably made me jump more than the entire runtime of The Exorcist. Something about the haunted house environment gets right under my skin and Paranormal Activity VR really knows how to hit you with a jumpscare, even when you're expecting

Join me as I embark on this new journey, over the next few weeks I'll be working my way through a full Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul playthrough / Paranormal Activity VR playthrough, using my Oculus Quest 2 with air link and trying my best not to scream my house down. Don't forget to hit subscribe to be stay upto date on all my gaming uploads!

I'm always in search of the best VR horror games and loads of people had suggested Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul, I was a little apprehensive at first as I'm not the biggest fan of the film franchise, they never really managed to scare me. Paranormal Activity VR wasted no time in terrifying my however, being trapped in a haunted house within VR is a genuinely nerve shredding experience. Paranormal Activity VR manages to create a wonderful sense of atmosphere and pulls you into the story quickly without much exposition, I feel like we're just getting started here, by the end of this one I'm sure to be a nervous wreck. *All Paranormal Activity VR gameplay was captured from PC using Oculus Quest 2 air link wireless gameplay.*

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0:00 - Diving back in / Recap
3:55 - There's something in the
8:13 - Hello granny
14:48 - The demon has gone TOO FAR!
20:07 - Heads will roll
27:05 - The end is nigh!
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