The Truth About The HUGE Jungle Changes & Jungle Meta In Patch 11.4!

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???? All you need to know about the NEW Patch SEASON 11 JUNGLE CHANGES/NERFS/META CHANGES! ???? Gameplay channel: ???? Support with Patreon: ???? Stream: ???? Become a member! : ???? Discord:

I discuss in-depth about the Season 11 Patch Jungle changes and experienc nerfs! Including a discussion on the meta, why junglers don't enjoy it, and what could change in the next few patches including ganking and farming junglers!

Intro: 0:00
Gromp: 1:01
Krugs: 1:33
Raptors: 2:13
to Comparison XP/Gold: 2:49
Jungle On Live: 5:23
Counter Jungling Issues: 6:20
Farming Junglers: 6:45
Ganking Junglers: 7:25
How To Get Fed In : 8:02
Opinion On Current Meta: 8:38
Nerfing Unique Junglers: 9:57

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Backgound music:

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