The Good, The Bad, The Broken - Patch 12.10 explored - Escape From Tarkov

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After spending a few days digging through the patch and all it's changes I compiled a list of the most interesting things changed with patch Some are listed in the patch notes, some were not.

Escape From Tarkov's thermal sights have been completely reworked, Customs received new spawns, there are new barter items like the ratchet wrench used to craft graphics cards, new backpacks with some crazy slot assignments, and a new 9mil rifle called the STM-9. Strength and Endurance got nerfed, and several quality of life changes were made to the flea market, rain sound, and other player skills.

Even ammo got some love with the update to several of the ammo models, and now you can tell if you have M995 in a mag or M855a1

While there was no wipe with Patch , there were a ton of underlying changes that increased performance, modified gameplay, and completely overhauled some mechanics of the game.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Most Important Fix
0:30 Thermal Changes
1:21 Changes to Ammo
3:56 Changes to Ammo
4:52 New Ammo
6:13 New Meds
7:32 New Barter Items and Crafts
10:15 Bitcoin Farm Nerfs
10:38 New Loot Spawn Locations
11:47 Flea Market QoL Changes
13:02 New M32 Headsets
13:33 Steam Audio and Ghost Footsteps
14:52 New Backpacks and other Gear
18:43 New Firearms PL-15 and STM-9
21:28 New Customs Spawns
24:02 Sniper Scavs are back!
24:30 Patreon and Outro
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