The End Of DBFZ? | Why Pros Are Leaving, Patch Notes, and No Season 4...

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Now that Gogeta SSJ4 has been revealed, many people think that Dragon Ball FighterZ could end without a season 4. Additionally, many pro players are announcing their retirement from the game with lack of playable online and rollback netcode. With the new patch on the way and Ui Goku finally being nerfed, let's talk about why you shouldn't be worried

Intro - 0:00
The Gogeta Conspiracy - 0:39
Why They Wont Add Rollback - 2:10
Obama’s Good Point - 5:01
Ui Goku Nerfs Are A Good Sign - 6:10
Basket Ball Didnt End When MJ Retired- 9:51
This Game Rewards Loyalty - 11:22

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