The Biggest Winners and Losers of 7.27b | BSJ Dota 2 Patch Quick Review | 7.27b Patch Summary

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BSJ gives us a summary of the biggest changes to heroes in , focusing on the ones he thought were the biggest winners and the biggest losers of the patch.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Meta Thoughts
1:27 Wraith King (Loser)
1:48 Ursa (Loser)
2:59 Clinks (Rework Thoughts, Possible Winner)
3:25 CK (Rework Thoughts, Possible Winner)
4:28 Drow (Winner)
4:45 Reflecting on broken heroes from last patch and where they will be now
5:48 TB (Winner)
5:56 Tiny (Rework Thoughts, Neutral)
6:10 Sven (Rework Thoughts, Possible Loser despite buffs)
6:46 Silencer (Winner)
7:05 Rubick (Absolute meme tier rework, possible winner, possible loser, who knows)
7:49 Razor (Rework Thoughts, Neutral)
8:08 Pudge (Neutral, Possible Loser despite buffs)
8:19 PA (Winner)
8:24 Monkey King (Rework Thoughts, Possible Winner)
9:06 Medusa (Rework Thoughts, Possible Winner)
9:28 Exort Invoker (Winner)
9:39 Faceless Void (Winner)
10:06 Enchantress (Winner)
10:17 Bloodseeker (Rework Thoughts, Possible Winner)
11:56 Dark Seer (memes)
12:18 Conclusion

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The Biggest Winners and Losers of | BSJ Dota 2 Patch Quick Review | Patch Summary
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