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Finding the best VR zombie game is tough because there are SO MANY VR zombie survival horror titles out there & in a world where Saints & Sinners is considered to be one of the best how do you compete to make an original VR survival horror experience. Well SURV1V3 (Survive VR but spelt with numbers for some reason) has just launched out of early access and aims to give players an immersive, story driven, survival horror, VR zombie game that can be played CO OP with upto three other people. It might not have the budget of Walking Dead but SURV1V3 sure is a lot of fun, with a massive world to explore, areas to scavenge, an open ended gameplay loop & the ability to play with friends this is one indie game studio that's really trying to reach the title of best VR zombie

**SURV1V3 is a PC VR game that can be played via link cable or air link on an Oculus Quest/Quest 2, it is not available natively for the Quest/Quest 2** -

Co op VR zombie games are obviously the best (it's still the one thing I'd love to see brought over to Saints & Sinners), running around with a friend and smashing zombies is always going to be great fun, imagine Left 4 Dead VR? I'd play that for hundreds of hours. SURV1V3 VR isn't trying to replicate the fast paced action of L4D however, instead it opts for a slower more survival horror focused experience with deep systems, plenty of unlockables and nice quality of life VR features. After the lengthy tutorial that teaches you everything from using your inventory to equiping attachments to your guns you're set loose into the fictional town of Santa Carla and it's here that the true SRUV1V3 gameplay loop begins.

Embark upon missions either alone or with a team of friends to progress the story or simply explore the town to find upgrades such as magazines that teach you how to equip different attachments for your weapons & unique themed outfits for your characters. I'm having a lot of fun with SURV1V3 so far, it still feels rough in certain areas and definitely doesn't have the polish of a triple A effort but there's MORE than enough content here to justify the price point and the tension of exploring the town with dwindling supplies and VR zombies around every corner will be enough to keep me playing until the very end.

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