SEE your Keyboard in VR! SPEED TEST! Immersed VR keyboard Overlay

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SEE your Keyboard in VR! But does it work? Immersed VR Overlay TESTED
The problem with productivity apps such as Virtual Desktop or Immersed is that you can't see your Keyboard in VR. Immersed VR has now solved this and allow you to see your Keyboard in VR. But does it actually work? I put it to the test.

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VR Stuff I recommend:
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Kiwi Oculus Touch Controller grips for Quest ONE and Rift S:

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I've ordered this NEWZEROL (??? lol) one. It's expensive for what it is but cheaper than buying the whole Kiwi interface. It’s not as nice as the KIWI one and it’s a tight fit for the Quest 2 but it does the job:

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VR Cover facial interfaces: #VRCauldron

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