Season 11 LOW ELO LoL Tier List Patch 11.14 by Mobalytics - League of Legends

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Let's check out the best champions for solo queue on the incoming patch!
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00:00 Top
03:28 Jungle
05:20 Mid
07:19 Bottom
08:35 Support

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Tier list format and methodology:
We create two tier lists, one is intended for the majority of ranked players and the other is meant for the very top levels of play (high ELO). There are many tier lists out there with different thoughts about what is strong, but our tier lists are specifically focused on helping you climb in your rank NOW.

The lines between our two tier lists are not black and white. If you're wondering about which one you should use, we recommend following the general player base list until it no longer works (usually around high Diamond) and switching to High-ELO becomes more effective. If you're playing your off-role the general list is also your best bet.

Our difficulty ratings are based on "Skill Floor", meaning that a Simple champion will yield results faster (around 5-10 games of learning).
Champions with a higher skill floor (Hard or Severe) will take more time to learn them (20-50 games +) but you will be rewarded with better results over time whereas a Simple champion may fall off as you climb higher since Simple champs often have flaws in their kit that make them exploitable at top levels of play.

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