RTL-SDR updated L-band patch antenna review - perfect for your SDR radio!

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The RTL-SDR team have just released a new version of their L-band patch antenna. In this video, I reviewed the new product and compared it to the SDR-Kits L-band patch antenna I had been using up until now.

The antenna was only tested on Inmarsat for this review, however it is specced to receive 1525 - 1660 MHz so would work for Iridium & GPS as well. I may make a future video reviewing it on those frequencies.

Testing was performed by decoding CPDLC transmissions across 600, 1200 and 10500 bps transponders.

Details on the upcoming giveaway will be released in the next video.

------ Links ------

The L-band Patch Antenna can currently be purchased from the at the time of publication. It is slated to hit Amazon US in around 6 weeks time. You can order directly from the store via the following link :

For details of the unit, you can read the post on the RTL-SDR blog :

You can view my review of the SDR-Kits L-band Patch Antenna at :

If you are into Software Defined Radio, you may enjoy viewing the 2021/2021 SDR Guide :

And if aviation is your thing, the Monitoring Aviation Communications playlist might be of interest :

----- Disclaimer -----

*I received the RTL-SDR L-Band patch antenna used in this review as a free sample. This did not affect my findings as reported.*

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