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Morgan Cook is a professional artist based out of Raleigh, NC and he has mastered the ability to blend the artistic intensity of large scale graffiti art with bold lines and bright color in such a way that his creations generate attention but don’t overwhelm. Cook is the owner of MCK CREATIVE- An agency specializing in hand painted mural work.

His work is visible throughout Raleigh from his “Alphabet Project”-26 type based murals hidden throughout the city. Brands have worked with his agency to create custom office workspaces and give restaurants a unique hand-painted feel; Gyms have created photo ops/motivational messaging and Real estate developers have added a creative flair to their projects.

A world traveler and martial artist, Cook is influenced by punk and hip hop culture; comic books, signage and the immediacy of the world around him. He is driven by his love for the craft and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Today Morgan tries out VR for the first time in Kingspray, as he teaches us about the craft, shows off his skills, and ultimately let's us know his thoughts on VR in general

VR In The Wild is all about meeting interesting people, who do interesting things, who are interested in VR, but otherwise have never been able to try it. So let's give people the opportunity to try it, learn about them and their craft, and have them rate their first VR experience.

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