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There are plenty of VR shooters & adventure games but VR extreme sports titles are something of a rarity, Terje Haakonsens Powder VR is one of the only options currently available & it's VR snowboarding & VR skiing is a wonky great time! Powder VR gameplay might be a little rough around the edges but zooming down a mountain at 75mph on some virtual skiis or a virtual snowboard is ultimately a hilarious & enjoyable experience that is only held back by some subpar visuals & a few early access bugs. In this video I'll be capturing Powder VR Quest 2 gameplay / Powder VR Oculus Quest gameplay by using a Quest 2 PC VR link cable - Powder VR is a PC VR game and is not available for native Quest 2 gameplay.

Choose either a snowboard or pair of skiis and then hit the slopes in Powder VR, the game is broken down into a campaign mode, quickplay & freeroam. Tackle the campaign or quickplay to rack up medals & unlock new courses, locations, boards & skiis (boards and skiis have different stats which help you to get the best/fastest score on each level). The feeling of flying down the slopes at high speed is great & Powder VR manages to create a fairly intuitive control scheme that mimicks the real world versions of these extreme sports activities. However the game does suffer from a few early access bugs; levels that would not load, graphics that were a little subpar & visual glitches that resulted in some hilariously terrifying visuals. I'm confident these things will be fixed in time but right now there is definitely room for Powder VR to fine tune some of it's gameplay mechanics.

Ultimately this VR snowboarding game / VR skiing game has a solid foundation that could grow into something extremely enjoyable in the future (especially if they add online multiplayer races) but if you're jumping in during its early access period then make sure you're ready for a few unsightly bugs.

* All Powder VR gameplay was captured on Quest 2. This is not an Oculus Quest 2 native title but was played using Quest 2 PC VR link / Quest 2 PC link *

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