PORTAL 2 VR // One of The Best Vorpx Games // PORTAL 2 Quest 2 VR Gameplay - Will it VR?

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Portal 2 is still one of the best, and funniest, puzzle adventure games around and it feels like the logical next VR game for Valve to tackle. Portal VR or Portal 2 VR would be absolutely incredible and it feels like something we might see at some point down the line but for now Portal 2 VR is made possible thanks to Vorpx & the Quest 2 (or any PC VR headset). This Portal 2 Oculus Quest 2 / Portal 2 Quest 2 gameplay was captured using Vorpx, a PC copy of Portal 2 & an Oculus Quest with link cable, the results are fantastic, it's another PC game that feels very close to native VR when paired with Vorpx. So Will it VR? Let's find out, this is Portal 2 in VR on the Quest 2.

Portal 2 VR Quest 2 doesn't quite reach the levels of perfect Vorpx game but it gets pretty close and still ends up being one of the best Vorpx games out there. The portal gun feels slightly too big and Vorpx struggles to render it in convincing 3D & sometimes when you jump through a portal you will come out the otherside facing a completely different (and wrong) way. These two issues are easy to overlook when you take a moment to appreciate just how incredible the 3D, the head tracking, the FOV & the world of Portal VR looks inside a PC VR headset or Quest 2 with link cable / Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop. Here's hoping we see a Portal 3 / Portal VR game in the near future but if we don't it's great to know that Portal 2 VR gameplay is this enjoyable thanks to Vorpx!

* This video captures me using Oculus Quest 2 Vorpx gameplay from Portal 2 VR, this is made possible by using the paid for Vorpx profile, my Oculus Quest 2 (connected to PC with a link cable) & a copy of Portal 2 - Using Quest 2 with Vorpx / Oculus Quest 2 Vorpx you can now change the refresh rate & resolution of the Quest in the PC Oculus app, this can push your hardware but allows for a much higher resolution experience *

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