Playing Visage VR on Oculus Quest 2 is HORRIBLE // Visage VR Gameplay // Will it VR?

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Visage VR was promised way back when the game first appeared on kickstarter but four years later the game has been released and a Visage VR release date is still unknown to players. That doesn't mean we can't find a different way to experience some terrifying Visage VR gameplay It's time to jump back into the game that I started my channel with, Visage, will it vr? Lets find out!

I have been excited for Visage ever since I backed it on Kickstarter in 2016, I played through the first two chapters of Visage game in early access & my very first video was infact me playing Visage! Fast forward to 2020 & the game is finally out of early access but there is still no sign of the promises of Visage in VR. Understandably this disappointed many fans & owners of the Visage horror game but it also got me thinking, Visage is built on the Unreal engine, so surely Visage Vorpx gameplay will be the next best thing?

By using the Vorpx profile for Conarium I was able to experience playing Visage in VR & honestly it was as terrifying as I had expected. I didn't even make it to the games more terrifying parts and it was still freaking me out in VR. If you want to know how to play Visage in VR then the good news is it's possible so whilst we wait for the official Visage VR release date you'll need Vorpx, a VR headset & a copy of the game. It's also recommended that you go into the Visage .ini files and increase Visage FOV as the game does not have an in game option to achieve this.

Visage FOV - How to change:
Just go to C:\Users\Insert Name\AppData\Local\Visage\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor, open the and paste these lines below the rest:

AspectRatioAxisConstraint=XX (Your FOV)

* This is not official Visage VR support this is Visage VR gameplay achieved by using Vorpx as part of my Will it VR series where I test non VR games in VR using Vorpx profiles / software. This video showcases Visage VR gameplay / Visage VR Oculus Quest 2 / Visage VR on Oculus Quest achieved with Visage Vorpx gameplay *
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