Phasmophobia VR | 2 | The Ghost Of Christopher Robin(son)

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After watching Frog die many, many, MANY times, we decided we needed to brush up on our ghost hunting skills. Luckily, we still have plenty of calls coming in with some crazy new cases!
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Phasmophobia is a 4 player online co-op psychological horror where you and your team members of paranormal investigators will enter haunted locations filled with paranormal activity and gather as much evidence of the paranormal as you can. You will use your ghost hunting equipment to search for and record evidence of whatever ghost is haunting the location to sell onto a ghost removal team.

You can choose to support your team by monitoring the location with CCTV cameras and motion sensors from the safety of the truck or head inside and get your hands dirty with the ghostly activity that will get increasingly hostile as time goes on.



00:00 Intro
00:39 I Think Frog Is Possessed
02:14 Evicting A Ghost
12:15 The Accidental Murder
21:18 Winnie The Pooh Killed Christopher Robin(son)


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VR Headsets:
- Oculus Quest
- Oculus Quest 2
- Oculus Rift S
- Valve Index
- HTC Vive
- HTC Vive Pro
- Playstation VR

PC Specs:
- RTX 2080 Super
- i9-9900k CPU
- 32 GB DDR4-3200mhz RAM

For any business inquiries: awolfinvr@

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