Patch 1.3 MUST DO List! All Events & Dates Calendar! Extra Gems & Loots! | Genshin Impact

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A Guide Video For Preparing For Patch ! What Should We Prioritize After Patch Maintenance To Maximize Our Loots & Gems? All Events Dated Into A Calendar For Planning!

Official Patch Notes Post:
Patch Notes With Images:

The Reddit Events Calendar Post:
The Excel Calendar (Thanks & Credits To u/_Enscribe For Sharing This One!):

Thanks & Credits To (u/_Enscribe On Reddit, Genshin Impact Live Stream Video Footages)

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Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:14 Guide Overview
2:59 After Maintenance To Do List
3:30 Add Friends For Two Events!
5:15 Grab New Gadget & Start Its CD!
6:28 Have At Least 60 Resin Daily For 2x Loots
7:09 New Archive For Exploration
7:33 Xiao Lantern Rite & Xiao Market
8:36 Tower Defense Event
9:10 Test Out Xiao (Beware Extra Energy In Test Runs!)
10:04 Set A Budget Before The Patch Hype Starts!

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