Patch 1.1 Bug Permanent Diona Buff (GOTTA GO FAST!) Genshin Impact Bug Farming & Exploration Tricks

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Hello friends, in this video I will be sharing how to make Diona buff permanent. With 85% reduced stamina consumption, you can run from Mondstadt city to Windrise Statue of the Seven without any stamina refills.

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???? Timestamps ????

00:00 | Intro
00:10 | What do you need?
00:19 | Where can I use this?
00:27 | Very important note
00:41 | Buff showcase
00:58 | Steps to perform this trick (Step 1)
01:14 | Steps to perform this trick (Step 2)
01:32 | Steps to perform this trick (Step 3)
01:46 | Trick performed successfully
02:07 | Removing Diona from team test
02:27 | Teleportation test
02:53 | How far can we sprint?
04:04 | Outro

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