Paine was actually BUFFED on the New Patch! | Arena of Valor

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On the newest Arena of Valor patch TiMi tried to nerf Paine, since he's been completely OP for the past couple months! In my opinion, they ended up buffing Paine though! They shifted a lot of his damage away from his burst and gave him much more DPS in return! Now Paine definitely isn't as toxic as before the new AOV update, since it's harder for him to decimate your health bar with his usual s1 AA s2 AA Paine combo, however if he has the time to do some additional auto attacks after that combo, Paine's damage will skyrocket even further than before! All in all Paine is definitely still one of the best heroes in Arena of Valor and the reworked Forest Wanderer enchantment is absolutely crazy on him too now! Along with Zweihander we find ourselves with not only the best Paine build in AOV but also with a much more fun hero than before the patch, since I personally like the ranged autoattacks with a ton of attack speed! Hope you'll enjoy this pro Paine guide in AOV!

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