Overwatch News - Competitive NO HERO LIMITS?! - Symmetra Skin LIVE! (Patch Notes)

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Overwatch Competitive No Hero Limits is now a thing (oh no ????)
Overwatch Symmetra restoration event is now live, you can earn the epic legendary skin, player icon and spray by winning 9 games. You can also earn special sprays watching Overwatch streams during the event. Baptiste finally get's his amplification Matrix size buffed. Lucio's wall Riding quality of life changes are in! The green screen Workshop map is now live (along with loads of other workshop updates!) Could blizzard be teasing a new Indian map in the background of the main menu? Competitive No Hero Limits is now a thing and playing 4 winston's and 2 lucio's is super strong, take it from old man sty who played back in the old overwatch times lol!

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