NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents TIER LIST Entering Episode 3! - Valorant Patch 3.0

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Today we cover our opinion on the agent tier list and the agent meta currently. A lot of this will revolve around the buffs and nerfs that the agents have experienced in Episode 3, and also the inevitable Kayo meta that will definitely change how the game is approached.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Disclaimer
0:53 Kayo
2:10 Viper
2:54 Jett
4:23 Sova
5:53 Killjoy
6:45 Skye
4:23 Reyna
7:21 Cypher
7:51 Sage
8:32 Breach
9:39 Omen
10:39 Phoenix
11:16 Astra
11:50 Raze
12:40 Brimstone
13:03 Yoru
13:32 Conclusion
13:47 Outro

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