NEW AOV Patch Rundown! (HUGE Mage Buffs, Rankbreaker Nerf & More!)

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The TiMi AOV servers got a new update yet again! Even though the last AOV update was barely a week old we got another new AOV patch yesterday, which basically made the servers be finally up to date with the Taiwan AOV servers! Well we're still missing the new heroes Allain and Thorne but at least we have all the new balance changes now! And boy let me tell you this AOV update will change the meta up a lot! So many mages, like Mganga, Ilumia, Liliana and Kahlii, received huge buffs! Some of those buffed AOV mages received huge changes to their kit which will impact their play style a lot! Boomstick also received an early game buff, meanwhile Rankbreaker being hit with a huge nerf! All in all a great patch and I hope you'll enjoy this new AOV patch pro analysis!

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