NEW AOV Patch Rundown (Biggest Update EVER!) | Arena of Valor

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The new Arena of Valor patch is coming very soon and this time it is absolutely HUGE! I think it's two new Patches in one so there's a ton of changes coming through. New support items being introduced while the old ones were deleted out of AOV. A ton of balance changes to around 15 AOV heroes like Zata, Raz, Capheny, Eland'orr and many more! A full visual rework for Skud is going to be part of this new AOV patch too, while Veera is getting a small gameplay rework! All in all a super good patch I am personally most excited for the support item changes because they truly enable assassin supports like Riktor and Batman to be more than just viable! Let me know what changes you are looking forward to the most in this huge AOV update and I hope you guys enjoy these AOV pro player insights!

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