Modern Warfare Warzone – Playlist Update, Patch Notes, Shoot The Ship, FiNN LMG, Morte, King Slayer!

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A new Modern Warfare Warzone Playlist Update and new Patch just arrived including Notes Shoot The Ship, FiNN LMG, Morte and King Slayer!

Update Size
The update size on xbox is around 14 GB and 10 GB on PS4. To PC its 11 GB for free to play players and GB for everyone else. The update is already available for download.

Playlist Changes
shoot the ship is back along with the new warzone mode kingslayer.

New Content
New content includes a new LMG the FiNN, a new operator called morte and a new map to play verdansk stadium, more content is coming with the summer of games event.

Patch Notes
Lots of new bug fixes for warzone and weapons, plus general fixes for the game overall.

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates
Get the latest modern warfare warzone updates and patch notes in straight to the point news videos. No 10 minute vids just the update info no matter how small the video is.

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