MECH PIRATES! - Insane BURST damage + Item Farming | TFT Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.16 Ranked Guide

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I'm taking a leaf out of Keane's book and I'm trying to edit and work on my descriptions a bit more! This build is Space Pirates + Mech, I think with the Space Pirate buffs (Darius/GP too!) this could be a really strong build for TFT patch More info below

With this build you want to look for a Rumble/Ziggs start or play any strong opener (darius +jayce vanguard is good too). You want to stack rumble with your mech items and get your mech online asap. With the TFT changes you now need to look for 2* mech or you will feel the nerf the mech had with the patch. You then want to power to 8 and look for GP, roll if you need to or go 9 if you have the HP. Then just stack GP with items you gave viktor and eventually replace your space pirates once you've farmed those items.

[00:00] - Build Review + Tutorial
[05:05] - Stage 1
[06:55] - Stage 2
[11:20] - Stage 3
[15:30] - Stage 4
[19:50] - Stage 5
[25:20] - Stage 6

I hope the new editing is better than before? Feedback welcomed!

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Here are my social media links!

Snapchat: Excoundrel2

Really love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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