Level 20 Flea Changes Everything! | Tarkov Wipe & Patch 12.11

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Tarkov wipes! Today we run down what I think the biggest changes are, which interestingly are the mechanics that were not announced previously.

Scav Karma, Factory Expansion and Weapon Durability changes are great but I don’t personally feel they make a huge difference to the overall game. Requiring level 20 for the flea market however has a material impact on how we should approach early wipe, as we’re effectively playing “Hardcore” for around 5x longer than we would be otherwise.

This is because with low level traders and no flea, you really have to use what you find in game without being able to source anything from the marketplace, which includes important items like early game keys ( customs office).

Finally, after getting some post wipe experience under my belt, I feel that 762 PS weapons are super strong, with the prevalence of Level 4 armor in the early wipe this time around.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:21 Scav Karma
00:01:11 Factory Expansion
00:01:42 Weapon Durability
00:02:06 Bush Mechanics
00:02:58 **Level 20 Flea Market**
00:05:29 **Strategy & Priorities**
00:07:04 Sorting Table
00:07:33 **Best Post-wipe Ammo, Guns and Optics**

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