LETS GO CHOPPING VR // Oculus Quest 2 Zombie Slaying // Zombie Killing Quest 2 Gameplay

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Lets Go Chopping is the essential early access Oculus Quest / Quest 2 game for fans of Dead Rising or Dawn of the Dead, if you've ever wanted to fight zombies in VR whilst trying to do your weekly shopping then this is the game for you! Lets Go Chopping VR is currently still in early access so it's not perfect BUT for the crazy price of $3 it is jam packed with silly Quest 2 zombie slaying fun & whacky shopping physics, if you're a Quest gamer on a budget looking to smash some VR zombies then this honestly might be the best choice. It also has some very impressive physics for a smaller indie game, especially one still in development, this Lets Go Chopping Quest 2 gameplay showcases the core loop of this zombie killing Quest 2 game, if you like what you see then head over to Sidequest to grab the free demo or the full release game!

Did you ever want a Dead Rising VR game? Or maybe you just love Dawn of the Dead and fancied trying to see how well you would fare in a shopping centre filled with zombies, I know I've always been curious, so it's great to have a game like this for the Oculus Quest / Oculus Quest 2. The Lets Go Chopping gameplay loop is simple, load into a supermarket, pick up your shopping list and start finding the the only catch is there are Zombies wandering around the shop who definitely want to eat your brain. Once you've got all the items in your shopping cart take it to the exit and cash out, all money you earn can be used to purchase new items, weapons & upgrades! It's simple enough but Lets Go Chopping uses some fantastic physics based combat as it's foundation & it shows a great amount of potential as long as the game keeps being updated & improved.

If you're looking for zombie killing games / VR zombie games or specifically Quest 2 zombie games then give Lets Go Chopping a look, if you're after cheap Quest games / cheap Quest 2 games then this one won't break the bank but will give you hours of fun. This VR zombie gameplay / Lets Go Chopping gameplay was captured from the early access version of Lets Go Chopping Oculus Quest 2!

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