HTC's Standalone VR Headset Could STILL Come, NEW Oculus Home, Quest Games & More Exciting VR News!

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Today, we have news about HTC's new hardware, Oculus Quest updates, Facebook banning PC cloud-based PC VR streaming, and I’m going to talk about whether I think HTC is coming with a new VR headset, AR news and much more exciting stuff!
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I’m changing this format a bit. Instead of posting these videos only on a Friday, I will post them whenever big news is out to make them more relevant. Hopefully, then, we’ll get more views, but most importantly it will also give me more flexibility to make other videos when there’s not a lot of news. I hope you’ll still watch them as that’s the biggest support you can give us for free and we’ll see how it goes!


00:00 Video Intro
01:05 Oculus News Start With Statistics
01:41 Quest 2 120Hz Delayed
01:55 New Social Oculus Home Coming?
Previous video: How To Import 3D Objects In Rift Home:

03:00 Oculus Bans Cloud-Based PC VR
03:55 Possible Quest 3 & 4 Specs
04:55 HTC VIVE News Start
05:17 HTC VIVE Tracker
05:46 Tundra Trackers Prices
05:55 HTC VIVE Facial Tracker
06:45 What About HTC’s New VR Headset?
07:35 Facebook’s AR Glasses & Neural Wristband Control
Facebook's Research Post:

08:43 Microsoft AR, Mesh & HoloLens Pokemon Go
RoadToVR Microsoft Keynote Impressions:

10:31 VR Game Releases Start
10:38 Rec Room Creator As A Full-Time Job?
11:15 Play-To-Earn & NFT Thoughts Blarp
Gods Unchained: (affiliate)

11:55 Oculus Quest 2 & 1 New Releases
The Climb 2 Live Stream:
First Steps With Hand Tracking:
Tiny Castles:

12:40 PSVR 2 Confirmed
13:04 Upcoming Games: PSVR, PC VR & Quest
Zenith Preorder:

14:33 Outro Start


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