How to Make the PRE-PATCH DMR 14 in WARZONE | Best DMR Class Setup after NERF (2-SHOT)

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best dmr 14 class warzone / best dmr 14 loadout in black ops cold war warzone! prepatch dmr in warzone (2 shot dmr 14)

How to Make the PRE-PATCH DMR in WARZONE | Best DMR Class Setup (2-SHOT)

In this video, I show gameplay of the nerf dmr in today's video i have the best dmr class setup in WARZONE/MULTIPLAYER. The dmr in WARZONE has always been overpowered, and is a must use weapon. This new dmr class setup is insane and I highly recommend you using it! Consider subscribing if you enjoy WARZONE tips and tricks, and WARZONE best class setups!

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*2 SHOT* DMR 14 META in WARZONE! (BEST DMR 14 CLASS SETUP) - Cold War Warzone
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