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Before Patch Comes Live, Lets Find More Ways To Get Free Primogems & Prepare For The New Banners! In This Video, We Will Look At How To Get All Of The Elemental Specialist Achievements For A Total Of 245 Primogems!

Big Thank You and Special Credits To (u/nxscythelynz) For The Reddit Post Guide:

For Each Achievements (My Notes):
1. Cool It (Keep An Enemy Frozen For 10s)
Characters: Kaeya
Location: Spiral Abyss Floor 2 Chamber 2 (Hydro Slims)
2. Earth, Wind and Fire (Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, Electro Swirl Effects In 2s)
Characters: Kaeya, Barbara, Xiangling, Lisa
Location: Wind Hypostasis World Boss
3. Season's Greetings (Freeez 4 Enemies In 2s)
Characters: Kaeya
Location: Cecilia Gardens (Hydro Slims)
4. Performance May Decline In Low Temperature (Defeat 4 Enemy With Superconduct)
Characters: Kaeya, Lisa
Location: Cecilia Gardens (Hydro Slims)
5. The Art Of War (Defeat 4 Enemies With Overload In 2s)
Characters: Wind Traveller, Amber/Xiangling
Location: Spiral Abyss Floor 1 Chamber 1 (Electric Slims)
6. How Heartwarming (Defeat 4 Enemies With Melt In 2s)
Characters: Xiangling
Location: Forsaken Rift (Cryo Slims)
7. A Little Less Shocking Than Love At First Sight (Defeat 4 Enemies With Electro Charge In 2s)
Characters: Lisa
Location: Domain Of Guyun

Time Stamp:
0:00 Intro
0:15 How To Get 245 Gems
1:23 Thanks & Credits To u/nxscythelynz
2:44 Achievement Methods Tested
3:35 1. Cool It
4:22 2. Earth, Wind and Fire
5:21 3. Season's Greetings
5:58 4. Performance May Decline In Low Temperature
6:43 5. The Art Of War
7:59 6. How Heartwarming
9:08 7. A Little Less Shocking Than Love At First Sight
9:49 Using Free Characters
10:26 Thanks & Summary

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