FULL Updated Follower Gearing Guide - Season 23 / Patch 2.7.0

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Full follower guide!
- Stack 25k mainstat
- Use immortality relic
- Templar is bad now
- Scoundrel most DPS, Enchantress farming/overall utility
- Always wear Flavor, Nemesis, Oculus
- Take Cain's, Sage's, Avarice, Homing Pads, RoRG in T16

D3planner Setups:
GR Enchantress:
T16 Enchantress:
GR Speed Enchantress:
GR Scoundrel:
GR Scoundrel CC:
GR Templar:

Patch notes:

00:00 Intro & Basics
03:06 Choosing the right Follower
05:13 D3planner & Maxroll Updates
05:56 Gearing your Follower
10:00 Summary
11:24 Outro

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