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Welcome to the first VR Charity Debate between Cix and Ryan Engle with all proceeds going to XRSI. Thank you to our amazing sponsors helping bring awareness to amazing charities

Know The Charity:
***DISCLAIMER*** PLEASE DO NOT SUPERCHAT AS A DONATION. DO NOT DONATE TO ME. USE THE DIRECT LINK BELOW. This is a DIRECT link to XRSI we have set up to confirm donations going to a public 501c3 organization recognized by the IRS and is completely tax deductible.


Who is XRSI?

XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) is a 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit Standards Developing Organization(SDO) that promotes privacy, security, and ethics in immersive environments. XRSI’s mission is to help build safe and inclusive experiences so that XR stakeholders can make informed and pragmatic decisions. XRSI does this by discovering novel cybersecurity, privacy, and ethical risks and proposing potential new solutions to mitigate them. XRSI, being the first such global effort, is uniquely positioned to provide impartial, practical information about XR and Spatial Computing related risks and opportunities to individuals, corporations, universities, government agencies, and other organizations worldwide. XRSI is currently developing a novel XRSI Privacy Framework for the XR and Spatial Computing domain.


Know The Participants:

Ryan Engle:
Creator of Topgolf with Pro Putt for Oculus. Golf Scope Founder and CEO Former CTO of Wikibuy. Extremely bullish on VR
Ryan Engle Twitter:
Pro Putt VR:

X VR Founder @YUR_fit @LIV. Alumni @Techstars @BoostVC Real name from WoW. OG Midwest USA. Love Gaming + Tech + Fitness
Cix Twitter:
YUR Fit:



All sponsorships come in the form on donations directly to XRSI

Starcade Arcade: Developers of Space Slurpies. Check out link below for their game on all available platforms. Oculus, Steam, Viveport, and Sidequest. Works with BHaptics :

Fast Travel Games: Award-winning VR game development studio behind horror title WraithAfterlife
OUT NOW on Oculus Quest & Rift! Coming May 25 to SteamVR, later in 2021 for PSVR:

Cards And Tankards: A very fun litte TCG in VR that is free on Steam and SideQuestVR
. It's a nice mix if MTG and Hearthstone at early looks. Multiple 'Taverns' are up and running that can fit 16 players. Live games are card banter are going on inside each, very cool atmosphere. Check out their tournament happening on May 22nd:

Outrun Digital: Event & Media Production company developing the blueprint of VR Esports while helping schools upgrade their classrooms. Check out our VR HS Esports League:

Cybershoes: Back the Kickstarter campaign and stay up to date on all things Cybershoes by following @CybershoesVR on Twitter.

Tom Ffiske: Writes about #VR / #AR at Virtual Perceptions. Member of BIMA Immersive Council. Author of #1 bestselling book on the immersive industry.

DecaGear/DecaMove: VR product line targeted for multiplayer gaming with facial tracking, hip based navigation and pressure sensitive controllers with all finger tracking. Don't miss their DecaMove campaign currently going on!
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