Elder Scrolls Online Stonethorn DLC Patch note review | ESO PTS Week 1

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Nerfs, buffs, new skills, old sets changed and powerful new sets await you in the elder scrolls online Stonethorn DLC patch. In this patch note review, we break down the ESO PTS week 1 so you know what to expect and how to stay ahead of the competition. Don't have access to PTS yourself? Leave a comment on what to see and it may be made into a video!

00:00 Introduction
01:35 New item sets
10:45 Class and skill changes
23:10 Weapon, Armour, Jewellery traits and mundus changes
26:27 Item sets - old
26:50 crafted set changes
29:50 Overland sets
36:54 Dungeon sets
45:36 Trial sets
46:10 PvP Sets
49:30 Ability altering weapons

See the notes here:

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