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Dying Light is one of the best action adventure horror games of recent years & its parkour, zombie slaying gameplay is even better in multiplayer but did you know it has a hidden VR mode that's easily enabled? Well, this Dying Light VR gameplay video / how to play Dying Light VR video will teach you exactly how to enable that Dying Light VR mode & then dive into the explosive world of this apocalyptic adventure in no time at all! I can't believe this Dying Light VR gameplay was left unfinished, much like the Alien Isolation VR mode, because it is honestly very very So let's get stuck right in and answer the question. Dying Light, will it VR?

At the beginning of this video I'll show you the very simple & easy to follow Dying Light VR setup guide / how to playin Dying Light VR guide, it really is an extremely easy process for owners of any Oculus headset. There are some additional steps for Vive owners that require you to use the Revive software but it is possible to pull this off, I just haven't been able to test it as I do not have a Vive myself. This video consists of Dying Light VR Oculus gameplay / Dying Light VR Oculus Quest 2 gameplay recorded after enabling this hidden VR mode & I'm happy to report that Dying Light VR 2020 is still a very impressive and playable way to experience this game.

There are some minor visual glitches within the Dying Light VR support but it is nothing major or gamebreaking. Throughout the video there are also areas which appear to be lagging or running poorly, this was not the case inside my Oculus Quest and seems to be a result of the gameplay capture software/recording software. The experience of Dying Light in VR is genuinely an incredible one and I highly recommend anyone with an VR headset (Oculus being the easiest to setup) should follow this Dying Light VR guide / Dying Light VR setup & jump into this brilliant game in a whole new way!

* If you get stuck at any point or need help following this Dying Light VR setup / Dying Light VR guide then please drop a comment down below. This Dying Light VR gameplay was captured from the Dying Light VR mod & is running inside Oculus Quest 2 via a link cable. I did try to achieve Dying Light VR Oculus Quest 2 gameplay wirelessly but it sadly required the use of the link cable as the game does not launch in SteamVR *

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