Dying Gives a Sanity Drop now! - Phasmophobia Patch Notes v0.26.4.1

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When a player dies all other players lose sanity! However the sanity average is now only based on all alive players. I think this is a perfectly sensible way to do this! So it's nice! Besides that we have a couple nice fixes for Phasmophobia but nothing major. Hope you feel informed :D Much love and see you during the streams!

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The #phasmophobia patch notes for :
1. Fixed a bug where the Ouija board would sometimes not spawn for everyone.
2. Asylum: Fixed a bug where the reception middle left and right light switches were in the wrong positions.
3. Potential fix for the Wraith having footstep evidence.
4. Prison: Fixed a bug where the main hallway lights wouldn't flash during a hunt.
5. Potential fix for the main door sometimes not closing.
6. School & Asylum: Fixed a bug where the closing sound didn't work on the wide wooden doors.
7. Edgefield: Fixed a spot where the ghost could see you and kill you through the main stairs.
8. Fixed a bug where the power icon wasn't always shown on the map.
1. Dead players will no longer count towards the average sanity. Instead alive players will now lose 15 sanity each time a player dies.
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