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Compound VR is a stylish game, it takes the visuals of classic Doom titles, soaks them in bright neon colours, throws a roguelite element into the mix & then tops it all off by making it a virtual reality experience. Having played the Dr Beef Doom VR & Wolfenstein VR ports I had high hopes for this early access VR title before I started playing, both Doom VR & Wolfenstein VR translated so well into a VR environment that I was excited to find a game built from the ground up for VR that was clearly inspired by those classic retro FPS titles. If you like the look of this Compound VR gameplay then head to Steam to grab the free demo, the full product is £ (and still being developed in early access) but the demo allows you to take it for a test drive before committing to the purchase.

If you've played & loved either the Dr Beef DOOM VR or Wolfenstein VR ports then you're almost certainly going to have a great time with Compound VR. It's packed from top to bottom with charm and oozes quality from the moment you drop into the apartment building HUB area. Taking the instantly familiar art style of games like Doom, Duke Nukem & Wolfenstein but transforming it into something truly three dimensional is an art style that has to be seen to be believed, it really does feel like you've been transported into one of those classis FPS titles with the added bonus of being able to shoot around corners & dynamically dodge incoming projectiles. The most impressive thing about Compound VR is the fact that it's a one person project, the level of polish on display here is amazing for solo dev is awesome; Guns feel great, sounds a suitably crunchy, modifiers change up the experience in meaningful ways, each gun has a different manual reloading mechanic, upping the difficulty adds in new and exciting it really is a full package and it's still in EARLY ACCESS!

I'm personally a big fan of VR roguelike / VR rogulite games and when thats blended with retro VR FPS action it ultimately feels like a match made in heaven, Compound VR really does deserve your attention, even if you just check out the free demo & keep an eye on it until it leaves early access.

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0:00 - Intro
2:24 - Hub area & gun mechanics
11:10 - Modifiers
12:20 - Main game overview
25:30 - Verdict & outro gameplay
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