Bros Before Holes in Cyberpunk 2077: More Holes in Patch 1.2

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Secret Holes and Best Bros in the game Cyberpunk 2077. There is a popular saying of Bros before Holes. Without getting into the definition, this video attempts to show 3 bros and 6 holes (puns included). The first Bro is actually a person on the roof near Jig Jig Street and he is carrying a Legendary Protective-Layer Fixer Skirt. Another bro is a Tai Chi instructor teaching many students, including one that speaks Japanese to V. Holes included in video are one at Megabuilding H7 where the main entrance is closed but nearby is a small gap leading down under the map. The second hole is near College St. Fast Travel Point nearby Arasaka tower. When you open a steel window shutter, it reveals a Matrix hole under the map. Gameplay on Cyberpunk 2077 Patch for PlayStation 5 (PS5). Video shows the following:
0:00 3 Bros and 6 Holes
0:07 Bro 1: Legendary Armor at Jig Jig Street
2:04 Bro 2: Johnny Silverhand
2:26 Bro 3: Tai Chi Instructor and Students
3:27 Hole 1: Megabuilding H07
4:56 Hole 2: Hooch Heaven
7:01 Hole 3
7:08 Hole 4
7:20 Hole 5
7:53 Hole 6

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