Blizz Gave Us Valor Points And Everyone HATED IT: Patch 9.0.5 & Everything We Know About It

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands has a big announcement coming up in next Weekend's Blizzconline, but in the mean time how about patch ! Valor Points return! More raid loot in Castle Nathria! Class, Covenant and Legendary tuning! New Night Fae SOUL SHAPES and more! Join us as we deep dive into everything we know about so far and why people love it or hate it

+++ Wowhead Articles +++

Shadowlands Patch PTR Class and Spell Changes - Covenant, Conduit and Class Tuning:

The Return of Valor Points in - Upgradable Mythic+ Gear:

Shadowlands Raids - More Pieces of Loot and Weapon Tokens:

Stygia Crafting, Tower Shadehound Mount in :

More Night Fae Soulshapes Datamined on PTR:

+++ Taliesin & Evitel +++
Wowkiller Podcast:
T&E Merchandise:
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