BEST TFT Comps Guide for Patch 10.16 Teamfight Tactics | Tier List

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When every comp is broken, nothing Check TIER LIST below
I also added a quick guide for each comp on my website.

We have the best TFT Comps Tier Lists, Item Tier Lists, and Carousel Priorities for patch

Teamfight Tactics Tier List Patch
S: Mech
A: Protectors, E-Girls, Sniper, 6 Blademasters, Cybernetics, Battlecast, Shredder, Blaster Brawler
B: Vanguard Mystic, Dark Star, BBQ Rumble
C: Sorcerer Riven, Rebels

0:15 Week Overview
0:37 Tier List Overview
0:58 Mech
2:00 Protectors
2:51 Star Guardian Sorcerers E-Girls
3:34 Astro Sniper
4:37 6 Blademasters Bang Bros or Blade Bros
5:23 Cybernetics
6:25 Battlecast
7:14 Shredder Xayah 3 Star
8:19 Blaster Brawler Jinx
9:10 Vanguard Mystic
10:21 Dark Star Shaco
11:38 BBQ Rumble
12:48 Items
14:24 Summary

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