BEST ADDONS YET! Shadowlands Addons List for Pre-Patch

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Best addons yet? Well in terms of our Shadowlands addons list for the pre-patch they sure are! As most of these got updated and are fully functional we are finally able to deliver the shadowlands pre-patch addons video a lot of you asked for. In our humble opinion, these are among the best addons for wow shadowlands, transforming your wow ui into a cleaner one, having better ways to track your buffs and debuffs, cleaner wow nameplates and before you go out yelling shadowlands addons evlui is all you need, take note that these addons don’t tax you much on memory and in terms of wow addons beginner friendly, we cover all the preview and setup so no issues on wow addons how to install them and stuff like that. Keept tight to MarcelianOnline for all your best wow addons and more to come :)

Weak Auras 2

Luxthos's Website for Weak Auras

Mouse Cursor Weak Aura


sUI Discord

Quartz Cast Bars


Plater Nameplates


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