BABY HANDS QUEST 2 GAMEPLAY // Baby Hands VR - A Nostalgic, Fun Packed Playground // Oculus App Lab

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Baby Hands VR for Oculus Quest 2 is a nostalgic playground filled with pop culture references & throwback items to interact with, this is one of the most family friendly VR games I've ever played & is genuinely great fun for children & adults also who knew crawling around could be SUCH HARD WORK! This Baby Hands Quest 2 gameplay / Baby Hands VR gameplay was made possible due to the games recent addition to Oculus App Labs, the new system which allows games to be available on the Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 platform without going through the full process that is traditionally required to get onto the Quest store. If you like the look of this Quest 2 Baby Hands gameplay then click the link below to reach the App Labs page for Quest / Quest 2:

Baby Hands VR -

Baby Hands game is less of a story driven experience & more of an open ended nostalgic playground, crawl all over the house and interact with dozens of classic toys, environmental objects & set piece moments whilst searching for keys & finding all the secrets tucked away. If you enjoyed the freedom & whackiness of games like Octodad & Goat Simulator then Baby Hands VR might be the game for you, if you're like me (immediately won over by pop culture references & throwbacks to my childhood) then you'll enjoy the Oculus Quest Baby Hands gameplay as an escape to a simpler time!

* This Baby Hands VR gameplay / Quest 2 Baby Hands gameplay was all captured natively on the Oculus Quest 2 & the game was purchased via the recently released Oculus App Lab feature *

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