Apex Legends Pathfinder Cinematic Breakdown! Skulltown Returning, Patch Notes Date & More!

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Apex Legends Pathfinder Has A Child?! Skulltown Returning, Patch Notes Date & Respawn's New Game

This trailer was made by Golden Lane Studio!

As I figure out other people who helped make this I will add their links below!
Slava Alekseev:

Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today we are going to be breaking down "The Truth" a brand new cinematic trailer that goes over Pathfinder's origin story with Project Iris, as well as the explosion that happened on Olympus.

Most of this stuff has already been explained through quests as well as Pathfinder's hardcover book, but I thought this trailer was amazing and wanted to break it down for you anyways.

We are also going to be talking about the return of Skulltown as well as some new patch notes that we will be getting later this week. Finally a report by VGC mentioned that the next game that Respawn is going to create is for a Reimagined Dead Space game. The link to their article can be found below!

Their Twitter:
The article:

00:00 Intro
00:30 Trailer breakdown
04:15 Pathfinder has a child
05:04 My reaction to the trailer
05:44 Skulltown coming back
06:27 New patch notes date
07:26 Respawn Making New Dead Space Game?
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