Apex Legends Genesis Event Patch! Octane Nerf, Revenant Climb, Weapon Balancing & More!

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Apex Legends Genesis Patch! Octane Nerf, Revenant Climb, Weapon Balancing, Arena Changes & More!

Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today I wanted to go over with you guys all of the major changes revealed for the Genesis Collection Event. These patch notes will go live on June 29th, the same day that the collection event will become available.

In these patch notes we have a bunch of changes for legends such as Octane, Revenant, Lifeline and Bloodhound. As well as some weapon changes for the 30 30, P2020 and Longbow.

The Arenas playlist has also gotten some changes specifically to the economy and how much certain weapons, abilities and items cost. Some of the legends abilities have also been slightly changed for Arenas.

Towards the end of this video I go over all of the brand new skins that I noticed from the Genesis collection event. Not all of these are from the event packs but just wanted to point out the ones I noticed.

Also Revenant is going to be getting the next heirloom in the Genesis collection event!!

Apex Full Patch Notes:

00:00 Intro
00:15 All legend updates
01:29 Revenant Heirloom
02:42 All weapon updates
03:38 Changes to Arenas mode
04:45 Most important QOL changes
05:30 Major bug fixes
06:27 OG Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge
07:00 New skins spotted in the Genesis Trailer
07:32 Free skins for Genesis Event
07:49 Store rotation
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