12450+ F2P Primogems In Patch 1.4! Keqing Hot Fix/Nerf Details! | Genshin Impact

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In This Daily Genshin Impact News Digest:
1. Patch F2P Primogems Excel
Dating Feature Official Post
2. Keqing Hot Fix/Nerf Details
3. Pre Download Notice
4. Art Contest Winners
5. Fun Genshin Posts

The Excel Summary For Patch Gems Estimation:
The Patch Achievement Video:
Pre Download Notice:
CN Notice
EN Notice (Just Posted)
Reddit Reference Of Primogems Calculations:
Shout Out To Koenigin Yu On YouTube, Who Also Made A Primogems Video!
Example Of Potential Events:

Patch Dating Feature Post:
Art Contest Winners:

Reddit Keqing Fix/Nerf Post:
Take GG's YouTube Guide On Keqing Combo (Hot Fixed):
Reddit Fun Posts:

Thanks & Credits to: taka gg On YouTube, u/K_R_H, u/Nive_Ria, u/papilohc, u/ursulagrote & koenigin Yu On Reddit

Thanks & Credits Of Thumbnail Image: Official Venti Artwork
(Please Let Me Know Via Twitter If I Happened To Have Missed The Original Artist!)

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Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:12 Guide Overview
1:55 Patch F2P Primogems Excel
6:26 Dating Feature Official Post
10:41 Keqing Hot Fix/Nerf Details
13:24 Pre Download Notice
13:56 Art Contest Winners
15:54 Fun Genshin Posts
17:22 What Do You Think About The Potential Gems In Patch

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