11 Cool Things Coming in Patch 9.1

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Patch is coming SOON, so I'm rounding up the eleven most exciting things coming to World of Warcraft in the update to Shadowlands! Patch features the standard array of expected content such as a new PVP season, Mythic Plus season and affix and raid tier with Sanctum of Domination. On top of that, you can also expect an overhaul to Torghast, the new outdoor zone of Korthia, an eight-boss megadungeon with Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, many new mounts and pets and toys and transmog to earn and a host of quality of life changes!

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0:00 - Patch Release Date!
0:15 - Flying in SL
1:05 - Tazavesh Megadungeon
1:52 - Korthia
2:31 - Quality of Life Updates
3:29 - Renown Levels and Rewards
4:04 - New Story Chapters
4:20 - New Collectibles
4:50 - New Mythic Season and Affix
5:20 - New PvP Season and Scaling Gear
5:47 - Torghast Overhaul
7:07 - Sanctum of Domination
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